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Tony Winterbottom

I’m Tony, a recovering Alcoholic living in Cheshire.

Amongst other things Alcoholism took away my interest in sketching… However now in sobriety I choose to draw not drink, hence the name #drinkordraw

I’m not sure when I changed from social drinker to full-blown Alcoholic, it sort of sneaked up… but it happened none the less, all I know is, it very nearly destroyed not only myself, but everyone around me and it took a long time to admit I had a problem, but I did and that’s a great step forward in the recovery process.

With a lot of help from family, friends and professionals I started my journey.

Along the way sobriety starts to give you many things back, like small mile stones. Gratitude, humility, happiness, strength, self-worth, along with which came my re ignited interest in sketching… drawing initially to convey my feelings in group meetings and to keep from boredom and the booze…

It soon became clear my modest skills were coming back and people, ‘friends’ liked my work and started asking for ‘commissions’ who’d of thought… not me anyway, that people considered my sketches good enough to want one and so it has escalated.

#drinkordraw was a mantra I used as a grounding tool, simple really ‘drink or draw’!

Now the goal is to use #drinkordraw to promote sobriety and hopefully inspire just one person to make a change to their lives.

Alcohol support – You, like me don’t have to suffer any more, you can change. Help is all around you, and it’s OK to get help, you don’t have to go it alone.

The hardest step is admitting to yourself you might have a drink problem, but that’s a great relief and a massive step forward to change… Believe me.

Although I can’t endorse any group or association, I’ve added a link below to help you find your new self… Believe me its worth it.

Alcohol support links

Thanks for visiting my site and supporting my sobriety.

I produce commissions of pretty much anything, pets, portraits, celebrities architecture and landscapes, simply send me a reasonably high resolution image via contact form and I will get back to you.

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